The Van…


Just a little appreciation post for the vehicle that lugged the boyf and I from place to place during our little adventure, before I start with road trip pics.

We were both genuinely pretty confused by the wee critter getting zapped on the side but we grew to love him. We called him Jeffery. The rest of the world seemed a bit disgusted by Jeffery but we didn’t care.

Things got a bit different when we saw the other side however (my fave side). As if a wee goblin-type-Gollum/Grendel-look-a-like wasn’t bizarre enough, ‘profane’ language definitely caught a few of the more ‘sophisticated’ beings eye…

But we didn’t care. DSC_0305

So, you either love it or hate it I suppose. ‘Loose tongues will find tight spaces’ was also sprayed on the back but for some reason I forgot to get a pic of it, oops! We thought our wee van was a cracker. Sitting playing endless card games of Gin Rummy with the door open overlooking gorgeous scenery is my fave memory of this little van. Thanks to Wicked Campers for the hire!

Now moving on to Glencoe…


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